On the morning of November 17, 2023, Caen Airport in Normandy, France, faced a serious security incident that led to a complete shutdown of air traffic. Authorities reported that the disruption was caused by a bomb threat after a group of individuals, allegedly environmental activists, breached airport security. The threat, conveyed through an anonymous letter received by France 3 Normandie, claimed explosives were placed around the runway and scheduled to detonate at noon to protest the environmental impact of air travel​​​​​​.

The airport authorities acted promptly, inviting travelers to check the traffic situation before heading to the airport, as operations were interrupted early in the day. A bomb disposal squad, along with firefighters and bomb disposal experts, were dispatched to inspect the airport’s facilities to ensure the safety of all​​​​.

This incident at Caen Airport is part of a broader pattern of heightened security alerts across France, with several airports receiving threats in recent times. The specific motivations behind these disruptions, as stated in the threat, reflect a radical approach to environmental activism, aiming to highlight what they refer to as “the environmental absurdity” of air travel​​​​.

The prompt response from security forces and the ongoing investigation into the breach are part of France’s rigorous approach to dealing with such threats to public safety. As the situation at Caen Airport unfolds, further updates are expected to be provided by the authorities as they work to resolve the incident and restore normal operations.